Easy audio mixer

Easy audio mixer


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  商品名稱: Easy Audio Mixer 2.3.1
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Easy Audio Mixer 2.3.1
Easy audio mixer 是一款適合初學者使用的音頻編輯軟件,即使你沒用任何使用音頻編輯器或合成器的經驗也可快速使用它來創作自己的音樂。

軟件可以讓你輕鬆地導入音頻文件、錄音、添加特效以及音頻編輯,導入音頻支持WAV、MP3以及WMA格式,製作完成之後,你可以將它導出為WAV和Windows media audio文件。另外,如果你喜歡唱歌,Easy audio mixer 可以讓你把自己唱的歌曲錄製進去,你只需導入一首歌,它便可幫你把原唱移去,你就可以跟著伴奏自己唱了,錄製完後你還可以添加一些特效讓自己的歌曲更加完美、專業。

Easy Audio Mixer 2.0 | 50.8 MB

Have a recording studio at your disposal. Mix music, create presentations, podcasts, or record yourself singing. Do this and more with Easy audio mixer ! Easy audio mixer is a multi track editor designed for average users. With it, you will be creating your own audio projects even if you never used a multi track editor or a mixer. If you need to create presentations, podcasts, or even music. This software has all tools to make your work stand over the rest. 

Simplified interface, designed after professional studio software.
Import wav/mp3/ogg and wma (windows media audio) files.
Remove vocals from imported audio files.
Record audio from your soundcard microphone or line input.
Apply effects with just one click (multiple effects presets are included).
Easily edit audio clips.
Export to wav/wma files that you can play in most music players.
Multiple video tutorials (Inside the help)

OS : Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8
Language : English

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